Dunlop NT R3.0 Tennis Racket - Unstrung, frame only

Dunlop NT R3.0 Tennis Racket - Unstrung, frame only

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With the Dunlop NT R3.0 you hold in your hand a racket that was has developed specifically for players who want to take their game to the next level. This racket weighs 308 grams and offers outstanding playing properties, which can make the crucial difference in a close match.

Dunlop NT 3.0 is a true all-purpose weapon. The open string pattern (16x19) and the compact weight ensure that your shots are equipped with all the force and spin you want. The small head size (632 cm²) also helps, meaning that powerful shots can be precisely controlled and placed exactly where they will do your opponent the most damage.

Your new racket is full of technological innovations. The revolutionary all-in-one construction is a particular highlight. Dunlop NT 3.0 is constructed as a single piece. This promises maximised stability, which means that you will have perfect feel and playing comfort.


 Weight: 308 g (unstrung)
 Balance: 315 mm 
 Head size: 98 sq in 
 String: 16 mains x 19 crosses 
 Graphite composition  
 Racket cover not included