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Racket Stringing Belfast

Equip Sports have been stringing rackets for over 18 years. Tennis, Squash & Badminton racket frames can all be professionally strung on site using our Wilson Bairado racket stringing machine (as used at the US Open). Clients range from  recreational club players through to International and Davis Cup players.

Our aim is to get you back playing on court as soon as we can. This is normally within 24-48 hours from the time the racket is dropped into us.

Prices range from £15* up depending on choice of string. Don't worry, we can advise on your choice of string if you've never broken strings before or wish to try something different from your last restring.

We stock a range of strings from all the leading string manufacturers. In the unlikely event that we don't have your string of choice in stock, we can normally source your string within a couple of days.

Is your grip looking tired ? We can replace racket grips while you wait, so even if your racket is not in for a restring, it should only take our staff a couple of minutes to freshen up your handle. We keep a wide range of overgrips and replacement grips in stock.

How often should I restring my racket ?

A general guidance is to restring your racket twice a year if you play twice a week, 3 times a year if you play 3 times a week, etc. This will help keep your racket playing at its optimal performance level.


(* £15 relates to our labour cost if customer supplies their own string)

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