Compeed Blister Plasters Mixed Sizes - pack of 5

Compeed Blister Plasters Mixed Sizes - pack of 5

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Compeed Blister Mix is the complete solution to blisters, containing the best selling blister plasters in the range. Helping to relieve blister pain instantly.

By applying a Compeed blister patch to your blister you can help to prevent further progression of the blister as the cushioning layer forms a barrier against friction.

Designed with Hydrocolloid technology which is an active gel that creates the perfect environment for the wound to heal, instantly reducing pain.

Compeed has a tapered edge so it contours smoothly with the skin's surface. This is to prevent friction and ensures the healing process is not disrupted by painful rubbing.

The Compeed blister pack includes 2 x Blister Medium, 2 x Blister Small and 1 x Blister on toes.

  • Pack of 5 mixer Compeed Blister plasters
  • Waterproof
  • Protects and cushions the skin
  • Relieve blister pain instantly
  • Dirt and germ reisitant
  • Prevents further blisters