Head Novak 19 inch Junior Tennis Racket

Head Novak 19 inch Junior Tennis Racket

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The Novak 19, named after Novak Djokovic, is the perfect racquet for boys between 2 and 4 years who want to get a very first feel for the sport. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration. The racquet features a brand new neon red design inspired by cool little monsters that will make every boy's heart beat a bit faster. The racquet's headercard can also be used as a monster mask and includes stickers for some extra fun during their first training session.




HEAD SIZE:520 cm² / 81 in²

BALANCE:230 mm / 0.5 in HL

LENGTH:485 mm / 19 in

BEAM:20 mm

AGE:2 - 4