Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket (2021)

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The Pure Drive Lite 2018, the lighter weighted Power Machine, is the latest update to the ever popular Pure Drive Lite racket from Babolat.

Cortex Pure Feel powered by SMAC

Better vibration dampening thanks to a new material integrated in the graphite of the racket that provides an incredible sound and a more direct feel during the game.

FSI Power

New string pattern and new diamond grommets that provide an improved sweetspot to maximize power on every shot (even when off-centred).

GT Technology

GT construction provides excellent stability at ball impact. The additional rigidity obtained through this technology allows for more precision or power according to the construction.

Ellipitic Geometry

Ellipitcal shape of the frame for added resistance against twisting and flexing for increased power.


 Weight: 270 g (unstrung)
 Balance: 330 mm 
 Head size: 100 sq in 
 String: 16 mains x 19 crosses 
 Syntec pro grip
 Graphite composition